Adidas Stan Smith’s are a very versatile pair of shoes that will work with almost anything. For some ideas and inspiration, I’ve compiled a list of 8 styles of pants that will look great with your Stan Smith’s.

1) Brown chinos

ASOS Brown Skinny Chinos
ASOS Brown Skinny Chino – $39.00

ASOS Brown Slim Chinos
ASOS Brown Slim Chino – $39.00 $19.50

2) Navy chinos

ASOS Tapered Navy Chinos
ASOS Tapered Navy Chino – $39.00

ASOS Skinny Navy Chinos
ASOS Skinny Navy Chino – $39.00

3) Cropped pants

ASOS Black Cropped Pants
ASOS Skinny Fit Smart Trousers in Cotton Sateen$49.00 $29.00

4) Light wash denim jeans

Neuw Iggy Jean Stone Tear
Neuw Iggy Jean Stone Tear at General Pants Co.$199.95 $120.00

Wrangler Strangler Jeans Rarity Blue
Wrangler Strangler Jean Rarities in Blue at General Pants Co.$139.95 $85.00

5) Cuffed pants / jeans

ASOS Black Tuxedo Joggers
ASOS Slim Fit Tuxedo Joggers$59.00 $35.00

Black Cuff Denim Jeans by Roger David
Roger David Black Cuff Denim Jeans$109.99 $49.99

6) Black jeans

Wrangler Smith Jean Drag Black
Wrangler Smith Jean Drag Black at General Pants Co. – $129.95

Insight Pistol Jean Flat Black
Insight Pistol Jean Flat Black at General Pants Co. – $99.95

7) Indigo denim jeans

ASOS Skinny Jeans Indigo
ASOS Skinny Jeans in Indigo – $49.00

ASOS Slim Jeans Indigo
ASOS Slim Jeans in Indigo – $49.00

Cheap Monday Skinny Fit Jeans Indigo
Cheap Monday Skinny Fit Jeans in Indigo at ASOS – $90.00

8) Khaki chino

Dr Denim Donk Chino Khaki
Dr Denim Donk Chino in Khaki at General Pants Co. – $149.95

Dr Denim Heywood Chino Khaki
Dr Denim Heywood Chino in Khaki at General Pants Co. – $129.00

Written by Neil
Neil is a uni student taking up marketing at Sydney University. It was through exposure to a variety of fashion and trends whilst travelling and living in Asia for some time, that he developed a greater interest and deeper appreciation for how an outfit is put together and the way different colours, patterns, textures, and other details complement each other to really make a great look. Through Style Bakery, Neil wishes to help readers look good and make better clothing purchases by sharing personal picks from local Australian and international brands, sales, and more.