For those who are interested in getting a pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s, here is a side-by-side comparison showcasing the padded (US) and stitched tongue (UK) versions of the shoe. Admittedly, I personally wasn’t aware there were two versions of the shoe at first. Me and my sister both ordered a pair of Stan Smith’s a while back. She bought hers from Urban Outfitters ($75 USD) and I bought mine from ASOS (brought it down from $120 to $108 AUD using a student discount code from UNiDAYS). Basically I ended up ordering the version with the stitched tongue (as shown on the right in the picture below) and she ended up ordering the version with the padded tongue (as shown on the left in the picture below).

You may already be aware that there are two versions but this post is for the benefit of those who aren’t in the know. Below are some pictures with both versions side by side so you can make your own comparisons and decide which one you fancy.


The Stan Smith logo on the back of the shoe with the padded tongue (left) is of a darker, richer green and the material isn’t of the same quality as the shoe with the stitched tongue (leather)


The version with the stitched tongue (left) is more of an off-white colour, whereas the other is more of a bright white. If you prefer a white that really pops out, you may want to go for the version with the padded tongue.


Stan Smith (US, Padded tongue) Stan Smith (UK, Stitched tongue)
Upper: 100% Leather
Lining: 100% Textile
Sole: 100% Other Materials.
Upper: 100% Real Leather
Lining: 50% Textile, 50% Real Leather
Sole: 100% Other Materials

Hopefully this helps. I personally prefer the brighter white colour and darker green Stan Smith logo of the US version. The UK version on the other hand is of a better quality build and the thinner tongue is a stylish piece in its own right, but it’s really up to you and your preferences at the end of the day. Either way, there isn’t a huge difference between the two when they’re on your feet. I’d recommend watching videos of people wearing both shoes on YouTube to help give you a better idea of which one will suit you better.


Written by Neil
Neil is a uni student taking up marketing at Sydney University. It was through exposure to a variety of fashion and trends whilst travelling and living in Asia for some time, that he developed a greater interest and deeper appreciation for how an outfit is put together and the way different colours, patterns, textures, and other details complement each other to really make a great look. Through Style Bakery, Neil wishes to help readers look good and make better clothing purchases by sharing personal picks from local Australian and international brands, sales, and more.