During a recent window shop at the Topman store in Sydney these ties stood out to me and I had to share them on the blog. My suggestion: Wear with a plain white or checkered button-up shirt. They were about $20 each from what I can remember.

It might be a little harder to get these ties to work with a checkered button-up shirt, but I’d recommend pairing it up with a casual dress shirt from Uniqlo, particularly those which have smaller checks. Roger David also has some nice button-up shirts that would pair up well with either of these ties.


Burgundy Knitted Tie£10.00 (approximately $20.00 AUD in store)


Navy Knitted Tie£10.00 (approximately $20.00 AUD in store)

Unfortunately Topman still doesn’t offer shipping within Australia, and all orders from the Topman website are still processed and delivered from the UK. You have to make an order of £50 (~$100 AUD) or more for free standard international shipping (no tracking). For faster shipping with tracking, it’ll cost you £20 (~$40 AUD).

It’s also a little difficult for me to pick out items from the online Topman store because I’m not sure which items in the online store are actually available in local Australian stores (the ‘Check stores’ feature doesn’t seem to show any relevant results when I type in “australia”, “sydney”, “melbourne”, or Australian post codes). Anyway, I’ll figure something out and hopefully post more picks from Topman in the near future. 🙂

Written by Neil
Neil is a uni student taking up marketing at Sydney University. It was through exposure to a variety of fashion and trends whilst travelling and living in Asia for some time, that he developed a greater interest and deeper appreciation for how an outfit is put together and the way different colours, patterns, textures, and other details complement each other to really make a great look. Through Style Bakery, Neil wishes to help readers look good and make better clothing purchases by sharing personal picks from local Australian and international brands, sales, and more.